Criminal/Traffic Defense

  • Being charged with a criminal/traffic offense can be scary?
  • Being charged with a criminal/traffic offense can be confusing?
  • Being charged with a criminal/traffic offense can have real consequences, including the potential loss of your freedom and rights?

Remember, unlike other lawyers, I am admitted to practice in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C. I give free consultations. There is no substitute to a good criminal defense lawyer. You should have a criminal defense attorney to fight for your freedom and rights. In Virginia, a criminal case is pursued by the State of Virginia by the Office of the Commonwealth Attorney. The role of the Commonwealths Attorney is to prosecute those who have violated the law. The Commonwealths Attorney and his assistants are not looking out for your interests. You need a good criminal/traffic defense attorney to avoid jail time and/or costly fines and costs. I have been defended hundreds of people accused of crimes and traffic offenses through strong legal knowledge, counseling and evaluation of the facts and the evidence.


  • If you are accused of a crime/traffic offense know your rights before speaking with anyone, including the police officer.
  • Sometimes, the police officer may make a mistake in the arrest, investigation of evidence collection process. It is in your best interest to obtain an attorney/lawyer to help you before making any admissions that can and will be used against you. I know about the law and I will file the appropriate motions to strike the evidence and/or dismiss the case against you if mistakes are made or violations occur.
  • Sometimes, the prosecutor makes a mistake in presenting the Commonwealths case, I know the law and will object if and when necessary.

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