Law Office of Andrew S. Kasmer Testimonials

"Mr. Andrew S. Kasmer esquire thanks so much dear for everything may Allah bless you and your family love you all so much. I will always have you my priority. "
- Omeira Q.
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"Ok Family and Facebook friends I have been going through some stressful times in the last 15 weeks ( well 10 months all together.) the last 15 weeks have been very stressful. Well today I got great news. The judge decided in our favor in the workers compensation case. Thanks to my wife Amy Conlin Hall for putting up with me during this time I love you. Thanks to Andrew Kasmer you are the man. If anybody needs a great workers compensation lawyer get in touch with Andrew Kasmer law firm."
- Mike Hall

"Thank you for the assistance which I needed to get financial compensation for my injuries during an accident. I am appreciative for all your help. I wouldn't have had such a positive result without you."
- Barbara

"Great thankful to Kasmer. I was involved in an auto accident injury. The attorneys were very accessible and negotiated a fair settlement for my injuries. I highly recommend Andrew S Kasmer if you are involved in any auto or car accident."
- David

"I was very blessed to have attorney Andrew Kasmer and his staff working on my case; they are a very dedicated team. Without their tolerance, knowledge, friendship, determination and time, I wouldn't have received a settlement and the medical treatment I needed."
- Simon

"I have always been pleased with Andrew S. Kasmer work. He is the best attorney around. I have recommended him to my friends and relatives and will recommend him to anyone who needs legal help."
- Michael

"Thank you very much for all your hard slog - very much appreciated. You have managed to acquire an interim payment within a few weeks. Thanks Kasmer."
- Melissa

"Thank you for all your work. I will be happy to recommend you and Law Office of Andrew S Kasmer P.C. to anyone who might be needing attorney support."
- Lisa

"Thanks Kasmer! For everything you done for me. Me and my family are very happy with your work. We are so thankful and appreciative."
- Alison

"Thank you for your tireless efforts for my case. I remain impressed with your attentiveness and professionalism. I always remain obliged to your hard work and support. I wish you the best."
- John

"I am very pleased with the way you helped me. I am very impressed with the care and professionalism shown to me by you and your team."
- Jill

"I would like to take this chance to thank you for your time, patience, intelligence and services. Thank you once again."
- Paul

"I feel I am really happy with the help that I have gotten from everyone here at Andrew Kasmer's office. Thank you! Kasmer Law is the Best! Thanks for your hard work!"
- Jessica Jewel Lopez


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